Christmas Dinner: KFC in Japan

A long standing tradition since the 1970s, KFC Christmas Dinners can be purchased up to two months in advance for a campaign lasting from December 23rd to the 25th. 

Though I am not much of a fast food person, and though I have never been someone to find the idea of eating anything from KFC appealing, this year, for our first Christmas in Japan, Nicky and I ordered a Christmas dinner, in keeping with the long standing tradition that chicken must be eaten at Christmas time. This mostly arose out of the understanding that turkey ought to be eaten at Christmas, but since it is nearly impossible to find a turkey in Japan, a Christian missionary in the 1970s ordered fried chicken from KFC. Ever since then, the tradition has stuck, and this year, Nicky and I took part in it!

We ordered our dinner one month in advance for Christmas Day, and I picked it up and biked it home. It actually was a fair amount of food for the price, and you got an entire chocolate cake and a commemorative plate to boot. Unfortunately, unlike McDonalds, which sees an increase in quality in Japan, KFC is exactly like it is in America- over fried, overly greasy low grade cuts of chicken with so much spice that you can’t actually taste the meat (when there is meat and not just bone).... so.... I only was able to eat two pieces before I surrendered the rest of the meal for salads and noodles. The cake was pretty good though.

We didn’t do much else on Christmas.... it was kind of nice to have a break from all of the fanfare of the western version, honestly. Our friend Taisuke gave us custom-made hanko for Christmas- this is the red seal you stamp on things in lieu of a signature. I really like mine, though I can’t figure out the design entirely, haha!