Christmas Parties

This was taken as BLOCK Language House’s Christmas party. Two of the staff know how to play saxophone, so we got a great show with many Christmas jingles.

So many Christmas parties this season! I’ve never been to so many in a single year!

This Saturday, we went to Nicky’s work for an adult’s Christmas Party (there will be a children’s party on Dec. 25 which we will also be going to). Her work is in Otsu, which is near Lake Biwa in the northern area of Kansai. The school is run out of a nice three story house in a residential area, and for the party, Mr. Block’s wife cooked a massive amount of food, including traditional turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, roast beef and turkey! The food was so amazingly good.

I also got to meet a lot of really awesome people from several different countries. I became the party’s chief photographer vicariously, but it was okay, since I don’t mind taking pictures. Towards the end of the party, two of the staff members whipped out their saxophones and played a set of Christmas songs for everyone- it was really nice. After the party, no one wanted to go home though, so Nicky, I and three other teachers decided to head back to Kyoto on the last train to go to karaoke. On the way I called up Erin to join us.

One thing led to another and suddenly it was 2am! Nicky and I decided to walk home from the karaoke bar, which took us about an hour and a half. It was a really nice walk though, and we continued our discussion about possibly living here even after I graduate. I really enjoyed that. After we got home, we crashed immediately, as we had to get up early the next day to go to another Christmas party for Blossoming Kids English School.

The Blossoming Kids party was one we were getting paid for, so we spent a couple of hours talking to kids in English, while getting a free Christmas meal out of it. There was also cake! Mm! It was really nice to work with these kids, as Blossoming Kids is the school that offered me a job, so I hope that I will be contacted again soon for future work.

There is yet another party at BLOCK on Christmas Day, which we will also be getting paid for, which is good. I’ve been working on budgeting out our Hokkaido trip, so the more money we have the better, haha.

It’s so hard to believe that this Saturday is Christmas already... there are lights everywhere, of course, but maybe because I haven’t been shopping for a lot of people this year it’s been much lower on the radar. All the same, I haven’t felt this busy during Christmas in a long time~! It’s an interesting feeling.