Inspirations: Helena Nelson-Reed

One of the most talented watercolor artists I have come across, Helena Nelson-Reed’s works are  deeply emotional and imaginative, drawing to the canvas the color-scapes of the inner mind.

I still remember the first time that I came across a watercolor print by Helena Nelson-Reed. On my lunch break, I happened to step inside a small gift shop on the main drag of San Rafael. In the card section, I noticed Nelson-Reed’s Path of the Shape Shifter (pictured above) almost immediately. Since then, I have been consistently blown away by her mastery of her medium- It takes a great amount of skill, dedication and internal vision to be able to create the compositions that she puts to the page- even more so to make them look as effortless as she does. She has said herself that “I'm a simple person. My imagery communi-cates a personal interpretation of archetype, dream, and life experience. It flows from the heart, often almost creating itself as I move into and through the work. Some dimensions are not readily apparent. I love that beauty exists in nature for no reason at all, and in this spirit sometimes give voice to a vision or dream by painting or writing about it, simply because the act of doing so, the color, and line pleases something within.”

As of yet, Helena Nelson-Reed’s artwork is only available through internet art dealers or on seasonal cards and calendars. It is my great hope that one day she puts together a bound book of her art.

Coincidentally, Nelson-Reed was actually raised in Marin County (perhaps I just have a thing for Bay Area artists... see Sylvia Ji). One of the biggest things that I admire about Nelson-Reed is that she is largely self-taught as an artist; her educational history is one in psychology. She uses her artwork to explore the psychology of the soul, “in the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.”-

Please support this artist by buying her work. Links are listed below.