Inspirations: Sylvia Ji

This skull maiden, one of many Sylvia Ji has painted, reminds me of the Frida Kahlo self-portrait shown below. 

Sylvia Ji is a Californian artist who I have found to be an immense inspiration in terms of breathing life back into the traditional art world.

Taken from her own website: “Born in 1982, a native of San Francisco, Sylvia Ji’s artistic ability is akin to another time and place. Her work encapsulates an alluring beauty that is both cutting edge and a nod to time-honored technique. Hauntingly beautiful images brimming with sexual provocation mix with a sense of consternation, hinting that all is not as well as it may normally appear.”

To me, Sylvia Ji’s artwork is like the modern representation of Frida Kahlo… not to say that she follows Frida Kahlo in any way- Frida’s artwork was more about a sensual pain that the deathly allure Ji’s artwork can give, and Miss Ji has a long way to go before she could be compared equally with Kahlo (as an example, as of this publication, Sylvia Ji has not expanded beyond her safety zone in women’s portraits). Perhaps I just have a weakness for the Mexican motifs and color palette, but I find Sylvia Ji’s artwork very captivating. Hopefully she comes out with a book soon!

More Pictures bottom- Frida Kahlo, self-portrait):