Tokyo: Sugamo Cemetery & Street Market

This morning, Nicky and I woke up early to try and watch a kyudo practice downtown. However, when we got there, the sports center was closed, so we decided to visit the cemetery Nicky had discovered earlier this week. The cemetery was really peaceful, with only the hum of cicada in the background. We walked the paths for nearly forty minutes, before deciding it was getting too hot and quietly making our exit to return to the downtown area. On the way out, a blue butterfly followed us for a few feet, which I thought was pretty cool.

When we got back to the marketplace, we decided to go get some fresh bread at the Kufokudo Cafe we’ve been visiting for a few days now. It was super delicious; we had some curry bread, melon bread and a three-filling (adzuki, cream and grape) bread as well. Nicky treated me to some matcha shaved ice, which was sorely needed because it is still so humid around here. It reminds me of Louisiana quite a bit, so I think I’m better adjusted to the humidity than some of my other classmates at present. At the very least I don’t feel like I’m suffocating to breathe in the air.

We walked the streets a bit more after that; I got some school supply and a new backpack for next week, and we found some pretty cheap fruit as well. (Five hundred yen for two asian peaches isn’t bad!) We even found a peach tree for sale for $18, but given the fact that we won’t be able to bring it back to North America with us, we passed on the purchase. On our way to the local shinto temple, we were stopped by a camera crew wanting our opinion on Japanese funerals. Even though my Japanese is sketchy at best, I was able to make out that they wanted to know if other countries cremated their dead and sent them into the air with rockets.... not in the US, as far as I’m aware.

We don’t know if we’re going to be on TV or not, but they both were incredibly friendly. If anything happens, we’ll be on channel 4 tonight, most likely. Afterwards, we finally went to the temple and were able to get two priests to recite sutras on our behalf on the way in. It’s a really nice temple. One of the things I’ve noticed about Japan so far is how everything is incredibly intimate here. People aren’t cold; I’ve felt incredibly welcomed here.

Overall, a great day.... and it’s only 5pm!