Cooking: Popovers (Yorkshire Pudding)

Popovers are a delicious and fast addition to any meal. They can be filled with jam, whipped cream, gravy or anything else that goes with bread!

I love popovers. My first memory of them was at the Cliffhouse Restaurant in San Francisco, which serves them instead of your everyday-bread-basket. Though there are pans made specifically to create the perfect popover, I have found that they can be made in regular muffin tins, or even miniature muffin tins. They taste delicious all the same. The recipe I love using is Lynn Bonnett’s Perfect Popover Recipe which can be found here. (Lynn has requested no one post her recipe anywhere else). One change I usually make to the recipe is to brush the pan with butter before putting it in the over to preheat, as gives the popovers a delicious crispiness. Keep in mind that if you do decide to bake these popovers in a mini-pan, you need to cut the bake time in half! Timing and heat are extremely important when making popovers. Check out Lynn Bonnett’s Tips & Tricks on her website if your popovers aren’t getting the ‘pop’ they need!

Popovers made by me using this recipe: