Inspirations: Michael Horse

Michael Horse’s current series involves painting on stressed ledger paper, a unique and thought-provoking style that is showcased at Gathering Tribes in Albany, CA

While exploring the downtown area of Albany today, I happened across a folk art gallery that was having a sidewalk sale. What drew me to the table were the variety of Oaxacan carvings and Huichol beadwork they had on display- within the store there were even more figures, ranging from your run-of-the-mill porcupine to dragons and a flamboyant peacock. While there, as I was viewing the showcased art on the walls, I had the opportunity to meet Michael Horse. Michael Horse is currently on display at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, as part of their Artists in Residence series. His show will remain there until the end of June.

Though he is currently working on a large buffalo hide painting, the series of artwork that attracted my attention was his work on ledger paper. Something about the paintings, done on a canvas of official documents, sparked my curiosity and made my eyes linger, and it was a delight to meet the man behind the idea. Michael Horse’s website can be visited here.  If you live in the Bay Area, be sure to check out Gathering Tribes’ gallery, located at 1412 Solano Avenue in Albany, CA.