[Post-Post] いちご狩り Strawberry Hunting

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is from a late summer day, when my mom packed me and my siblings up into a car and drove us to a blueberry farm to go blueberry picking. I remember gorging myself on blueberries, and then taking home several pounds worth so my mom could make her amazing blueberry cobbler (sad to say, I've never quite gotten the recipe right). So, when I was on my friend's blog, reading about her experience with strawberry picking in Nagoya, I had an intense urge to do it as well. I started telling my adult students about this desire of mine, and one actually took the time to research places in the area that offered it!

The town mouse and I decided to go during a holiday, as she works seven days a week and I six, so it is really rare to have time off together, especially in the mornings or afternoons. On the day we made our appointment, I also got to see a friend of mine I hadn't seen in over two years- it was so great to see her again and get caught up. She'll be in Kyoto for the foreseeable future as well now, so maybe I'll need to come up with a nickname for her and my Nagoya friend on here as well. ;-)

We walked our friend to Heian Jingu to see the cherry blossoms after lunch, and then hopped a train to Yamashina, where the farm Momota Nouen is. The fee isn't terrible, but I would suggest bringing your own dipping sauces if you like them, since you only get 1oz of condensed milk with the fee. The strawberries were really good though, and we were able to buy an entire box of strawberries for only 1,000 yen ($10~11 US). The strawberries were an omiyage (thanking gift) for Sensei's wife, who had been helping a lot with the admin of the school while Sensei was recovering from stomach cancer (speaking of which, he's doing awesome!)

Now that I've had my fill of strawberries, next up is peaches in the summer! I'm looking forward to it!!