[Post-Post] Golden Week 2012: Days 2 & 3

Time for some lazy days, I think. Sunday I hardly got out of bed, except to go and meet my friend, but it's all been well-earned. With the recent move of the school, I've about tapped out my energy, so it was nice to not have any obligations and simply hang out at home with the Town Mouse. Of course, there was one major thing: we bought another cockatiel. Everyone, say hello to Genji, Pika's new cagemate. He's only four weeks old, so for now, we have to hand feed him twice a day. And he's about the cutest thing ever in an ugly sort of way. He looks more like a chicken than a parrot right now.

We bought him from the local pet store. Actually, we really have been wanting to get Pika a friend for a while, but couldn't find one with the right temperament or coloring. At first, I was going to settle for the much cheaper budgy, but the Town Mouse talked me in to the baby cockatiel. It's kind of sweet actually, how small he is, and how much he needs us. He lets us pet him wherever we want, so I'm trying to get him used to having his chest and back stroked, since Pika will hiss and hammer his beak at you if you attempt it. So far, so good, and we've already been seeing the desired effect- Pika is singing... maybe too much!

Now all I need to figure out is how to get my cat in America over here to Japan and our little family/zoo is complete!

In the evening, I went to meet Joshua, a friend I haven't seen in forever and someone I never really got the chance to hang out with while I was at Cal. It was good to see him again. Our boss is letting him stay at the new campus during the break (that's just how awesome Okazaki-sensei is) and we got to exchange stories about how life has been. Joshua seems to be having a hard time of it, so I'm happy he was able to come to Kyoto for a fresh change. We ate at Freshness Burger and Baskin Robbins last night, and then this evening, since he was craving pizza, I ordered one of every pizza off the Dai's Kitchen menu and we had that, and A&W root beer (root beer in Japan?!?!?!) for dinner at the school. It was super tasty. If you're ever in Kyoto and craving pizza, Dai's Kitchen is your best bet. They are really cheap, and don't make any of those strange Japanese pizza flavors. It's as authentically American as it can be in this part of the world. I was too hungry to take any pictures though T__T....Yum yum.

Didn't do much else besides that today. Tomorrow I'm going to a Japanese Costco with the Town Mouse and one of our students. Should be interesting- I'm looking forward to seeing if it's really different from the American chain. I think the Town Mouse is mainly looking forward to cheese. Haha! I'll write about it soon!