Felt Hamburgers & Literal Go-Fish

My latest craft project for my kindergartners. A more durable and versatile variation on the crepe game, this shopping game will focus on adding or removing condiments and ordering full meals.

It seems I just can’t let my to-do list linger. Here are the most recent projects I’ve been working on. The burgers (pictured above) are sewn entirely from felt, with the patties being sprayed cork board. The idea behind this game will be for the children to ask for condiments (Pickles, please./Ketchup, please./No mustard, please./etc.) and also order full meals. I plan to have fake drink cups and french fries as well, though I think I’m just going to spray paint about one hundred halved chopsticks a bright yellow, rather than make the from felt. I’ll probably have larger classes play family and see who can remember the most orders.

The shop, which I haven’t taken a picture of yet, is a changeable store front, with a magnetic menu board. Eventually, the burger stand will also be a takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls, a widely consumed food in Japan) and a fried squid stand.

The other project I finally finished was a magnetic fishing game to practice uppercase, lowercase, digraphs, Magic E and blends with. The fish are divided into manila envelopes so that I can pick an appropriate level for the class I am teaching. Starting with the lowercase level, the back of the fish each have an example word so that they can practice the phonics. The kids have really been enjoying this as an alternative to flashcards and drilling.

Finally, I found a wonderful board game online (whose link I unfortunately can’t find right now) which uses the rules of Candyland (a popular game for children) to get children reading in a competitive way. However, I found the layout of the game to be a little boring, so I pasted it onto an orange poster board and made it Pokemon themed, which has instantly made it a class favorite. The board took all of thirty minutes to put together.