Say Hello to Pikatiel~!

For the last few months, Nicky has been talking about wanting to get a cockatiel if she passed her shodan kendo test. Well, she passed, so now we have a new member of the family! Say hello to Pikatiel!

Pikatiel is our new family member. His name is really more of a nickname at the moment, until perhaps something better comes to mind, but it is a play on words, with “pika” meaning flashy, or dazzling. We just mashed it together with cockatiel to get his name. He’s very affectionate, which is rare for a new parrot, and loves getting scratched all over his ears and behind his crest. He’s also addicted to popcorn.

Nicky got him as a treat after passing her Shodan test in kendo. He’s only about seven months old right now, and doesn’t sing yet, but we hope he starts soon~ there’s so many tunes we want to teach him! Here’s some images of the new baby!