Simple and Clean Updates

The last snow we received in Kyoto for the year (at least I think it will be the last for how warm its been lately) was rather intense, as it turned all of the roads in Kyoto to sheets of ice. Scary biking to school in that!

Well, finals are finally done with, and I’ve been taking my time soaking in the reverie. I am off of school until March 28th, and plan to make the most of it, especially since it has been discovered that Nicky and I can no longer stay in Japan as originally planned. Nicky has yet to receive her B.A., so we need to return to North America so she can finish school. We obviously aren’t wanting to have to be split up again, so I am looking into options for a visa in Canada. If Nicky works very hard, she could complete her B.A. in three years, and then we would be able to come back to Japan. Hopefully, in that time, I will have paid off my student loans, and built up a nice enough savings account that we can start our “adult life” correctly.

We are thinking in the long term now, as a couple, as.... really... I have never found myself so desiring to remain with another person at all times. We are very much in love, and there are only a few more steps to take that would allow us to remain together always. For that reason, I am willing to go to Vancouver, even though it is not my first choice, because it will be made 500x better for Nicky’s being there. She has supported me so much that I want to be able to support her now, in her endeavor for higher education. So... I will do what I can so that we can stay together.

In addition to these far-away plans, we will be make our long-awaited trip to Hokkaido in the next few days. We fly out on Wednesday for Sapporo. I will not be able to update my blog until I get back, but when I do, you can expect hundreds of pictures and many stories!