Hokkaido: Day Seven

This photo is already a treasure for me. From the left, it is Hiroko-san, me, Nicky, Erin, Keiko-san and Nattchan. I will always remember my experience at Fuyokan, and if Nicky and I ever go back to Hokkaido, we will definitely go back there.

Well, today was our last day in Hokkaido. We spent all of our money, and there is little else but work and bills waiting for us when we get back, but.... I am so happy that we came. What started as a simple stay at a beautiful ryokan turned into a fantastic and precious building of friendships, and for all of the adventures we were able to have in Hokkaido, I am truly grateful.

This morning, Hiroko-san surprised us with one final gift- light up snowmen from the Yuki Matsuri; small souvenirs  that meant a great deal to us. We lingered at the ryokan for a couple of hours, talking with them, hearing more about the history of their family and the inn, before we finally had to say goodbye. Everyone got a hug, and there were a few tears, before Hiroko-san offered to drive us to the station. To top it all off, when we went to pay for our stay, Nattchan gave us a 30% discount on the entire stay. I was truly speechless. As we got in the car, Nattchan and Naomi-san waved goodbye on the street, and when we got to the station, we said our farewells to Hiroko-san as well.

The emotions from the morning stayed with me through the rest of the day, and even now I continue to think about them. Nicky and I will write them a letter soon, and express again our deep gratitude for their hospitality.

I love Hokkaido.