There’s No Place Like Kansai

What would you do if you were in my situation? I love Japan, but miss my family- I can get work easily out here, but all of my things are in America... what to do!

Sometimes, I wish I could stay in Kansai forever. It has been amazing; the quality of the people, the variety of things a person can do... every day I am amazed by how comfortable I am here and how easy it has been to adjust and enjoy life here. A quick search on Google even showed Nicky and I how economical it would be to live here. Homes in Kyoto currently cost around $55,000-$120,000 due to the suffering economy, which would make right now the perfect time to buy real estate... it’s a lot to consider, especially as I continue to hear that the situation back home is getting worse.

The other thing that makes Japan so tempting is that I already have received a job offer, and Nicky has received three! I’m certain that if I look, or apply for places like Interac, Aeon or Kumon, my chances of getting a very well paying job will increase substantially. This is the country in which my major from Cal will be put to the best use. Right now, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that graduate school can wait- I have been a college student for over six and a half years, and am ready to start earning an income again.

The only real hurdle with wanting to stay in Japan is that all of our possessions are in North America, as well as my cat Dandelion and Nicky’s bearded dragon, D. It would be expensive to move everything out here, but, still less expensive in the end, when one considers the cost of rent in California or Vancouver. We’re definitely thinking about it. Of course, we would also miss our families.... hmmm.. such a hard decision!!