Casual Updating...

Nicky met me at school a few days ago with Vaaska, who had walked a near mile to our school all on his own! We decided to take him to the river to play in the grass, and on the way found a pet friendly fusion food cafe. Yum!

There’s nothing really specific to report here, so I decided to just lop all of my recent happenings together. Nicky met me at school a few days ago with Vaaska, who is beginning to be a champ at walking on busy streets, so we decided to take him down to the Kamo River again to play in the grass. I was pretty hungry though, since it was directly after class, so we went to eat lunch at a pet-friendly cafe that served the most amazing fusion food. I particularly enjoyed the sweetened Japanese squash and the curry chicken.

I also got to see a friend from Cal a week or so ago; he came from San Francisco with his boyfriend and we got to go have dinner with them. I also sent them off to the Sugamo Romantic Train. It was really good to see him again, since I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years.

I’ve also made a new friend, Wada-san. We met during an International Center event at Kyoto Station while Nicky was doing a lesson (she now has several students and a substitute teacher position at BLOCK Language School, yay!). We bonded over literature (even though it turns out Wada-san is more of a chemistry type of person) and now we’ve become fast friends, and he invited me to go to the Osaka Mayor’s mansion in November for a Thanksgiving party... I get to have turkey and pumpkin pie in Japan, woohoo!!!

We actually just got back from seeing Wada-san at Kyoto Station. He was really kind and brought me back a small token from Seattle. He works for Panasonic, so he does a lot of traveling for work. After I had a tea, we all went to have ramen at Kyoto Station, which was super good. I had really been needing something hearty, since I’ve been feeling sick for almost a full week. I think it’s because my immune system isn’t used to Japanese colds. Hopefully I don’t get another one for a while~! I’m going to one of Wada-san’s parties next weekend while Nicky is at work, and it sounds fun, so I’m looking forward to it!