Say Hello to Vaaska~!

Vaaska is a purebred Shiba-Inu, one of the six ancient breeds of Japan. His mother’s name was Naomi-hime (Beautiful Princess) and his father’s name was Tetsu (Iron). On September 30th, he will be turning one year old!

Today we went to pick up our puppy! Erin came along to pitch in for start-up costs (as part of Nicky’s birthday present), and we went back to the pet store in Arashiyama. The pet store owner was nice enough to drive us all the way back to our house, so we didn’t have to worry about leash training him while it was threatening to rain. Yokatta!

The pet store owner was pretty funny too. He actually really liked bluegrass music (we were listening to one of my dad’s favorite artists, though I can’t remember the guy’s name now...), and had been practicing the banjo for almost thirty years! It was just really funny to run into that sort of person in the middle of Kyoto. I very much enjoy this place... the people are just so much more friendly and varied, and even the smallest things here can make your day.

After we got Vaaska inside, we tried to get him acclimated, though since he’s most likely been in a cage for almost a year, we know that its going to take some time to train and house break him. It’s okay though. Nicky and I are both very patient people, and he’s going to be a wonderful fox-dog. Pictures of Vaaska are being uploaded to my gallery!