In Kyoto! Apartment Woes

Last day of class at JWU. The sensei pictured with us, Yamada-Sensei, was my favorite sensei for the ILP. I’ll miss you guys, Class B!

I’m finally here! In Kyoto! After finishing packing yesterday, and eating my last dinner in Sugamo with pens since I packed my chopsticks prematurely, I took the Night Bus out of Shinjuku for the last time. I arrived in Tokyo at around 6am. Thankfully the city has enough recognizable landmarks that I was able to find my way back home again from Nijo Station (about a mile and a half from my house).

Nicky had cleaned the whole apartment and left me a bowl of fruit and flowers, which I thought was so sweet~ though I pretty much went straight to my bed and fell asleep. We had another full day ahead of us planned, so I wanted to get some rest, but around 12pm or so, we got up. Nicky had also bought me some really yummy mochi, so I had that for breakfast.

I had promised to show Erin where to get a used bike, so we decided to meet around 3pm, though got a little sidetracked since Nicky wanted to show me this really awesome temple she discovered last week. The name of the temple is Kitano-Tenman-Gu; I’ll write more about it once I find the USB cable for my camera, haha.

While we were helping Erin get her bike, we actually ran into Ian, who was buying things for his own apartment. He needed a futon, so we took him to a place up the street we had seen and helped him find something appropriate for his height. I felt helpful ^.^

After helping Erin shop for some more household items, we took her to the temple too (since its free admission, something that never happened in Tokyo), and then went back with her to her Leopalace. I admit to a bit of envy- Nicky and I had been looking at the Leopalace, but in the end, it was too far out of our price range. It’s a really nice place though- large, much larger than our own since it makes use of a loft space for the sleeping area. It also comes with a washer, and the bathroom is surprisingly large, since it’s built for Westerners.

We met back up with Ian for dinner, and since we realized that we were all living within five minutes of each other, we decided to check out Ian’s place as well. He apartment is awesome. There’s a veranda, and sliding rice paper doors, and a large kitchen. As well, he has an amazingly large closet, like Erin, and both of them have been kind enough to say that Nicky and I can use their closets to store our luggage, since our apartment didn’t come with a closet.

When we came back to our apartment, and I started unpacking my stuff, I started feeling a bit depressed, to be honest. Mainly because I feel like we got short-ended on the apartment situation (no closet, no veranda, no separation of space). I’m pretty sure Iwai was just trying to sell this corner unit since it was the only one on the floor with no closet. On the plus side, though, we are very convenient to a lot of different things, like the subway, the street market, Doshisha, the Golden Pavilion and any other number of temples. It also came mostly furnished. Also, our apartment will look better once we are done unpacking the clutter. I’ll post pictures once we abolish the luggage problem here. If we really end up hating this place, we can move after six months, but I think it’ll be okay... we came here to experience Japan, and if our house is too comfortable, we’ll never go outside. In the end, it’s still bigger than my room in Berkeley (so I know I can live in this space), Nicky is finally living with me, and I’m only paying $250 a month in rent. Not so bad ^__^