Return to Hamadayama

This weekend, we had plans to go to Yokohama to see Lisa, so I packed an overnight bag and after school, headed over to Nicky’s place. Unfortunately, shortly after I got there, we found out that Lisa had to cancel, so our weekend trip wasn’t going to happen. I decided to stay for as long as I could anyway, though I would go back to Sugamo later that night since my asthma cough was acting up again and Nicky is a light sleeper.

We spent the evening mainly strolling the river in Hamadayama, which I really enjoyed. The flow of the river isn’t so spectacular right now, as it’s not the rainy season, but there was so much life there! The cicada were out in full force, as were the mosquitos, but there were also massive carp of every color in the river, egrets, turtles, ducks and finches.

After our walk, we went back to Nicky’s place to have dinner, where we pretty much whipped up experimental curry and katsu-don. I fried the pork, since Nicky doesn’t like frying food in oil, while she made a super delicious curry that included asian squash (mmm!). We ate while watching a variety show. As far as I could tell, it had something to do with completing old Japanese idioms and proverbs. Afterward they had a food price guessing game with a retired, cross-dressing sumo wrestler. Oh, Japan. Overall, a nice night.

There was one sort of bummer we encountered though. Upon hearing that Lisa cancelled, we tried to think of places we might want to go for the weekend, and the idea of climbing Mt. Fuji (since we had two days) came up. It’s the time of year where even beginners can do it, and it’s a relatively easy hike by all standards (cafes along the way to freshen up).... but the transportation of getting there is a cash-flow nightmare. Before even factoring in the costs of food, water and a possible overnight, it would have been $60 USD in train fare. Until we can find a cheaper way of doing it, Mt. Fuji has been taken off the list of “Things to Do.” Oh well!